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At Sports World, we understand how important it is to maintain your firearms in top firing condition. Whether it’s general maintenance, reassembly, repair, or diagnostics, we can help. Our gunsmiths will also check for potential safety hazard issues with your firearm, and either make repairs or recommend qualified gunsmiths for your specific brand and type of firearm. We can also provide general warranty services on specific firearm brands.

Sports World‘s in-store service offerings:

Custom Gun Work: 

  • Trigger jobs – starting at $50 labor + the cost of the spring kit  (Rifles and Pistols) 
  • Glass Bedding an Action on a Bolt Action Rifle – starting at $80
  • Recoil Pad Installation – Wood Stock’s starting at $50 labor + the cost of pad
  • Muzzle Brake Installation -$100 KDF Brake + $100 labor to thread barrel 
  • Thread Rifle Barrel for Silencer – $100 labor to thread barrel to correct thread
  • Mounting and Bore Sighting Customers Scopes – Rifle and Handgun Scopes $25
  • Night Sight Install Free with Purchase of Sights from Store
  • Night Sights Brought In for Installation: Dovetailed Sights Installation $25 – Sights that Need to be Drilled and Fitted Installation $40